Millionaire Travel Dating In China

millionaire travel dating
millionaire travel dating
millionaire travel dating

China is a country with 5,000 years of culture, and there are thousands of foreign tourists visiting China. Millionaire travel dating in China, focusing on Sanya, Lijiang, Beijing, Shanghai, to explore the tourism dating resources of these four cities.

Sanya has a beautiful Yalong Bay, where the sea is clear, and the shallow to deep seawater echoes the blue sky, forming a beautiful view of the sea and the sky. Dating Chinese woman, you and your date partner can stay at the resort for one night and feel the tranquility and comfort of the rainforest. It is a very romantic thing to fall asleep sweetly in the stars of the night and wake up slowly by the first rays of the morning.

The ancient city of Lijiang has a strong cultural atmosphere and a rich national culture. Here you can enjoy the unique scenery of the mountains and rivers, quiet and quiet life rhythm. Dating Chinese woman, you can close your eyes with your dating partner on the wicker chair outside the inn, or you can hide in a cafe for a cup of coffee, read a book, write a paragraph.

As the capital of China, Beijing has countless delicious food. There are spectacular Great Walls and the Forbidden City, and there are beautiful institutions of higher learning such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. Dating Chinese woman, you and your dating partners can enjoy the royal garden together, to see the unique scenery of Jingshan, Beihai, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ditan, and Lama Temple. Beijing’s Hutong culture is particularly famous. Wudaoying, Nanluoguxiang, Yangmeizhu Xiejie, Guozijian, and Yanbao Xiejie are the best-remodeled hutongs. If you and your dating partner want to explore the lives of Beijingers, Go deeper into the alley.

Shanghai is an international metropolis. There are old people playing mahjong, teenagers playing football in the alleys, and Cantonese-style Cantonese tea. Dating Chinese woman, you and your dating partner can see the morning exercise of the old people dancing swords and punching, you can enjoy the neon lights on the Bund at night. There is a parade float of the Chinese fairy princess "Hua Mulan"; there is the Disney "12 Zodiac". When the original Disney characters meet the traditional Chinese style, the charm of Shanghai Disneyland is even more evident.

Millionaire Dating in China. Chinese rich men drink white wine and smoke more. They like Wuliangye and Chinese cigarettes. In addition, they also like cigars and tea. As far as tea is concerned, they like Longjing and the Chinese rich women prefer Biluochun. Chinese rich women prefer China Merchants Bank and HSBC than rich men, and they are very interested in financial management. Dating Chinese woman or dating Chinese man, Welcome to join us.